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About Innes Dental Clinic

Innes Dental Clinic was founded in 1996 by Dr. Thadée Muboyayi. We believe that oral health is a team effort. Our mission is to make you, the patient, happy and to help you achieve your dental goals. Dental problems are easier and less expensive to treat before you can see or feel them. Attending your appointments on a regular basis will allow the dental team to catch any problems early on.  When you visit our dental clinic, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist and support staff. We have the resources to offer comprehensive dental care to the Orleans community. Our experienced team consists of:

a photo of a dental chair inside a clinic
A closeup of a dental chair kept facing the window
A wide-angle view of the waiting area
A photo of the TV from the waiting area

our dentists

A closeup of a dentist


Dr. Thadée Muboyayi

a photo of the waiting area


Dr. Michael Tran


Corinne – Dental Assistant/Receptionist

Tania – Dental Hygienist

Rosa - Dental Assistant

Christine - Dental Assistant / Receptionist

Leah – Dental Hygienist

Kelly - Receptionist

A portrait image of a staff
2 shots from inside the dental hospital
A closeup of a staff from the clinic
A closeup of a female dentist from the clinic
a closeup of one of the dental clinic staffs
a closeup of one of the dental clinic staffs
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